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About ecobard

I am a writer and film maker based in Australia. Training: BA (writing) Masters degree in professional Communications Books published: Eucharist (novel) Poet in Paradise, Puzzling Thoughts (both poetry) Climate Change Generation (non fiction) A WORM in the APPLE (book of the film) Documentaries: A FISH TALE and A WORM in the APPLE http://www.awormintheapple.com.au
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  1. ecobard says:

    I first came to Tasmania in 2007 to see for myself the devastation that was occurring here. Frankly, I did not believe that in this day and age, such practices could exist in a first world democracy. I was shocked, horrified and proved wrong. I came back to make the film and stayed to help in the fight. This is the documentary no government in Australia wants anyone to see. They proved that by refusing to fund it. I have funded this film with my own savings and those of a few philanthropists… Now we need you to see it and show the world the truth about Tasmania. http://www.awormintheapple.com.au

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